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-Poor Fargo, catching on that this is going to be harder than he thought! Nice that Allison is there to help him!

-Love the Jack/Grant scene! Grant saying "You can't always be the good guy, Sheriff" ...yeah, Jack needed that! I like that Grant really does seem to mean well, but it doesn't always come out well.

-No, Jo, win him back!! Go after Zane!

-Scared of Fargo... leads by fear! Kind of a jerk! LOL!

-The fun in the scene in Parrish's lab was watching Jo and Zane's little interactions- if you can do a rewatch, you should. Zane's little looks and noting of Jo's weirdness are great! (Also, I'm less than impressed by Wheaton, so it was nice to have something else to focus on)

-Love Grant and Henry playing around, quoting Pasteur, etc. Great dynamics with the characters!

-LOL, yellow goo restraint! Sort of wish had been purple, like goo gun in Season 2- evolutions on same tech, etc.


-Love that Jo is in civilian clothes, looking gorgeous!

-Mantle for the bat not cat.... yeah, this isn't going to go well!

-Wheaton is not such a great actor.... Scene with Jo was just sort of wooden, not great scene.

-Science historian, nice cover for Grant!! Lets him have idiosyncrasies on the science knowledge.

-Bachelor his whole life... LOL! I like Grace!

-Love the dissolving tool!

-Put the beanbags down! I guess if you're going to have psycho rage, the best place to trigger it is the non-lethal weapons lab! Poor Jack!


-Jo and Fargo being affected and mouthing of to Jack and Allison is fun!

-Didn't catch it as much on first viewing at SDCC, but Tess really was hoping that Jack was affected, not just cold feet.

-Love that Grace is messing with them when she gives them reasons for things dematerializing.

-Jack talking Jo down is a great scene! Love her trust in him, and how he can bring her back.

-Mad scientists! LOL!

-Everything under control is Eureka's answer to the horror movie's "I'll be right back".


-Romero movie... lol!

-I love the stylized horror movie look and the camera and light work.

-Callis and his moment of "this is all I have left" is amazing!

-"I wanted to be a librarian!" ROTFL!

-Loved the brief moment of tension between Jo and Zane, wonder if he'll remember it?!


-RSS does 3 things... Zane made me ridiculously amused!

-Fargo imitation of Jack- hysterical!

-Go frak yourself, Mansfield!! LOL, loved that beat!

-ROTFL, Fargo bait!!


-Do I get points for that as being a "mass tranquilizer system"?

-Love Tess realizing that Jack's not been affected. Nice little beat.

-Parrish and Fargo apologizing so painfully... lol!

-You can't always be the good guy... Jack echoing Grant, love the beat there. Beautifully done!

-Grace Munroe is amazing! Love that she's playing pranks, love that she wanted to replace Henry's tools so she literally made them fall apart! She's great! And then Grant observing that Henry has a crush on his wife was awesome!

-I was never a fan of the Tess arc, but have to say, the last scene with her and Jack, was played incredibly well by Jamie Rae Newman and Colin Ferguson. Beautiful scene!

-Not sure I get the hype over Wil Wheaton. Get that he's a big geek thing, but didn't feel he really added much to the episode. Then again, from the very subdued reaction at the SDCC panel to announcing that he'd be back for more eps in the back 10, I think I'm not the only one.

-The episode style and horror movie homages made me incredibly happy, because they were incredibly well done. I like that Eureka isn't really going to go to the far absurd place of having actual zombies, dead rising, etc., but still could do an amazing tribute to the genre. I was holding out a little hope for a HOTD2 reference, but I think that one really is just me!

-I love that the writers used the episode to really let Jack and Tess fall apart, and to let Tess really get the realization first, and as she observed, he was too late in preventing her from watching it all unravel, because it very much did unravel for them. It felt very appropriate, especially since it seems from what she said, in this time line, they had been together for a year. Not sure how long it was supposed to be in the other time line, especially since there was a real lack of a sense of time continuity in season 3.5.

-I hope I'm slowly not in the minority here, but Dr Grant just keeps winning me over more and more! He had some great moments in this episode, with the advice to Jack that got echoed at the end of the episode, which was played beautifully, and his observation that Henry had a crush on his wife was exactly the type of dry wit and humor I love. On the other extreme, the moment with Henry where he lets Henry see a little corner of his loneliness and hating being there was beautifully played. I know Callis is only supposed to be here for the 4.0 half of the season, but I wish they'd change their minds on that! Like Thorne, that's not enough time!!

-Jo and Zane... still rooting for it hard, but really want to thwack someone upside the head (mostly Jo) and get her to stop ignoring him, and start trying to change things. Take him up on a bit of the innuendo, surprise him!

-Another great episode! And at SDCC, the writers confirmed that they're not sending us back out to the Eureka we used to know, that the new time line is here to stay, so that makes me incredibly happy. The reboot has really knocked Eureka back into my top show category, and I'm glad to have it back there!


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