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Since I am helping moderate it.... =)

Not getting enough Nathan Stark since he stepped into a particle accelerator and bid Eureka farewell? Wishing you could find the master of snark in more than flashback episodes of Eureka? Have a Stark fic that doesn't quite fit into any of the pairing specific comms?

Check out [ profile] starks_lab - Stark's Laboratory - a Nathan-centric community welcoming fiction, fanart, fanvids, icons & Ed Quinn news/images of all kinds. From the most popular Nathan/Jack to the rare and elusive Nathan/Jack/Allison, all kinds of het, slash, and gen pieces are welcome as long as they feature tall, dark and handsome himself.

Stop by and post some fanwork, leave some plot bunnies in the bunnies post, or just chat with other fans in the friending post! And please feel free to spread the word-- the more the merrier!
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Title: Want U 2 B Mine

Pairing: Jack/Nathan

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1000

A/N: The Valentine’s request was for my OTP and candy hearts, as a reciprocal gift (being my OTP makes it a gift back to me!) Happy Valentine’s Day and thanks, Jenn!

Summary: Mysterious gifts drive Nathan crazy on a day that already has him on edge.

Vamos, Fargo! )
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Title: Homo Aggredi

Pairing: Jack/Nathan

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: ~3300

Warnings: Bondage, Set post season 2, contains vague spoilers through 2x13.

A/N: There are probably half a dozen comments around the marshal_science comm. about wanting to see Jack caught by his own cuffs that spawned this plot bunny... So you only have yourselves to blame! This was supposed to be PWP, but somewhere along the way spawned itself a bit of a plot.

Summary: Botched experiments at Global leave Jack all tied up.

You think cuffing me with my own handcuffs was a good idea? )


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