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Short version? Yup, participating (unofficially-ish, due to being a script writer).

Long story?

Check out the blog:
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Okay, under the cut are massive spoilers, major moments where I ramble, and a lot of conflicted thinking. Also some selfish moments of angsting. But if you aren't scared away, read on.

Eureka, Episode 304: I Do Over. Commentary and Thoughts. )
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If you haven't had a chance to check out the film or fill out the survey for my master's film, and have a bit of spare time, please do! I only need 3 more surveys to hit my minimum!

I've updated the online writing portfolio (yes, with all the master's links) but also with my Eureka spec... It's officially an abandoned script now, though it may be scavenged and pulled to bits in order to do rewrites sometime in Oct/November, once season 3.0 is over and I'm (hopefully) settled into a new job.

It's official that not only will I (gods willing and merciful) finish my master's project film(come hell or high water) this week, the book next week, and actually have everything turned in on time, but I'll also be graduating, having gotten my waiver for my 604 class to count for my mandatory 604 credit.... yeah, bureaucracy. Gotta love it.

Applying for jobs like mad... no news yet, but I have found (gotta love that my website tracks where people find the url to my website) that my online portfolio is being checked out. Awesome.... not sure what to think when my rough cuts are up =P but I'm hoping checking out the page means they're interested!

Today, three pages of edit notes from my advisor to get through and hopefully an official score to start putting into place sometime today or tomorrow. Off I go!
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I'm going to start posting scraps of work relating to my developing pilot for feedback and hopefully lots of questions and constructive criticism on this journal so I catch all stupid ideas on my part early on. Since I won't be registering the idea formally with the WGA for a while still and am only doing poor man's copyright on the materials as I go, the posts will all be friends only locked under a specific filter for the pilot posts. If you want to read and be a part of the process, please leave a comment for me and I will add you to the filter. Just being a journal friend won't put you under the filter, only commenting that you'd like to read it will. Sorry, but I have to be uber-careful!

About the pilot: A little bit Buffy, a little bit Law & Order, it's a supernatural hour long drama with a female protagonist. She's got a unique ability called 'dreamwalking' that leaves her running a bit of a double life. One is here in reality where she's the rather plain looking metaphysical bookstore owner who's brother wants her to use her ability to help him get dates and her boyfriend, a detective who works with missing and abused children cases, often wants her to help him crack hard-to-solve cases. The other is her more exotic life in the dream world, where not a lot makes sense, including her other love interest who may or may not actually exist.

Intrigued? Drop me a comment, I'll add you to the filter, and start looking for posts introducing you to characters in the next week or so!


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