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Title: Dead Bodies Are Never Part of the Plan
Author: [ profile] serene_quill
Pairing: Esposito/Ryan, the usual hints of Castle/Beckett
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~10K
Disclaimer: Don’t own them!
Warnings: AU, slash, Spoilers for Season 2/set somewhere in “Season 3” time but no spoilers for current eps
Summary: prompt, from [ profile] castlekink: What if Ryan used to work undercover trying to expose a drug ring? Oh, the possibilities... It could come up in a current case. Or perhaps an AU where Esposito first meets Ryan while undercover. Expanded from my original short ficlet, found here.

Dead bodies he recognized were never part of the plan. )
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Title: Snow Day
Pairing: Jack/Nathan
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: ~4700
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, much as I wish I did!
Warnings: Yeah, another of the “Allison said no and somewhere, in the following future time” AU. We should name it. I vote for “Bob”.
Summary: For [ profile] gin200168 on her birthday—Happy Birthday!! When it’s 100 where I live, [ profile] gin200168 gets spring-- Spring here, snow there. So for her birthday, south and north collide at Eureka’s midpoint!

Snow Day )
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Title: Twice in a Lifetime – Part 8/9 – Chapter Six
Pairing: Jack/Nathan
Rating: this segment NC-17, overall NC-17
Word Count: ~5700
Warnings: AU, general insane plot bunny that got out of its cage when it’s highly likely that it shouldn’t have. Warning for violence.
Disclaimer: No, I don’t own them. If anyone who does own them finds me witty enough to give them to me though, I won’t object!
Summary: When you’re messing with quantum mechanics and looping in time, you never can be sure how many times you’ve tried to correct the same mess. Because it is a time loop, because only a select one or two carry the memories, maybe the events of “Once in a Lifetime” were just one loop. This story is one time where Henry got it just right for himself and Jack, Nathan and Allison didn’t manage to stop Henry when they sent someone back, causing the next loop, the events of episode 112, “Once in a Lifetime”. But those events don’t matter now. Because this is the story of the loop before. And while in quantum mechanics, it didn’t actually happen, in the heart it did actually happen.

A/N: I know, late, sorry! Producing a short film and my meeting with the archdiocese ran late... (there are times when words come out of your mouth and you're stunned by them- every piece of that statement is amazing to me!)

Chapter the Sixth, In Which There Occurs A Showdown At Strawberry Knoll, An Emotional Shutdown, And A Proposal for Building Lab Space )
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Title: Homo Aggredi

Pairing: Jack/Nathan

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: ~3300

Warnings: Bondage, Set post season 2, contains vague spoilers through 2x13.

A/N: There are probably half a dozen comments around the marshal_science comm. about wanting to see Jack caught by his own cuffs that spawned this plot bunny... So you only have yourselves to blame! This was supposed to be PWP, but somewhere along the way spawned itself a bit of a plot.

Summary: Botched experiments at Global leave Jack all tied up.

You think cuffing me with my own handcuffs was a good idea? )
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Title: Krampus Day
Pairing: Jack/Nathan
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~4200
Disclaimer: Not mine, just borrowed them to play with! The poetry belongs to Constantine P Cavafry, and Eureka belongs to NBC, the fabulous Jamie Paglia and Andrew Cosby, etc.
Warnings: fluffy holiday humor fic, set somewhere in the nebulous “season 3” zone.
A/N: Because Krampus has been declared the “it” fashion of Christmas where I work, I had to do some sort of fic involving the concept. Krampus Day is something I’ve only gotten acquainted with this year, so I’m borrowing traditions right and left, and probably bastardized a few! Happy Holidays Everyone!

‘Find out what the hell a Krampus is,’ he ordered, his eyes narrowing. ‘So help me if this ends with me in a reindeer suit…’ )


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