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My muse is being stubbornly silent on this one, so I'm looking for some ideas to kick start her!

If your true love was marrying another, how would you go about breaking up the wedding? The more underhanded and devious and out there, the better!
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Again this year, I'll be tracking my progress and posting little tidbits through two places:

First, if you're also doing NaNo, you can find me on the official site as SereneQuill. Feel free to friend (buddy?) me, and we can kick each other's butts into finishing.

And second, like last year, I'll be updating my blog as I go. Today's entry features me, whining a lot about one of those problems that you wish you had and preparing to slap myself so I'll stop whining. Or something involving a hat. Pointy hat trick, perhaps? ;)

Good luck to everyone participating!
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Should have gone to bed hours ago, but insomnia has been a bit of a problem lately! At least I'm being productive...

So instead of sleeping, I updated my online portfolio/website (see link to right) with something I should have added ages ago.


Yup, they're older short film projects I had a hand in writing and producing, 2007-2008, but they are fun (though youtube crap quality)! Especially "Crimes of Passion" which proves with enough caffeine and irreverence, anyone can make soap-opera-sexual-politics-satire. Which we did. In 72 hours, script through editing. =) Good times.

Also, the short film "Masqued" has the most absolutely gorgeous piece of music on final scene, scored by my lil sis. Not that I'm biased, but I do love it!
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Hey everyone!

As most of you are aware, my life recently has been eaten by my short film, The Devil's Wife, and while I do babble about it a lot (but not all that coherently) only a handful of you who have read the script over on my website know what I'm talking about....

Until now! I need your help! Mainly, I need volunteers to watch the test screeners (horribly low youtube quality, I'm afraid, so you don't get the hi-def beauty and the sound compression is even worse!) and give me your thoughts and feedback! (Yes, this is actually a requirement of the process!)



When you have finished viewing both parts of this video, please take the survey to help with the final editing process! Return surveys to You can print the form, fill it out, and scan it and return it, or just type into the space provided! Thanks!


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