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Title: Equal and Opposite Reaction
Pairing: Jack/Nathan
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~4700
Disclaimer: Still working on developing that rent-to-own plan, but don’t own them yet.
Warnings: Crossover with Ironman, angst, hurt/comfort, minor character death, comments easily construed as critical of the US government...
Summary: It was the worst day of Nathan’s life. Inspired by [ profile] goddessfreya87 and her appendix of doom... Sequel to “Boys and their Toys”, part of the “Thicker than Water” Eureka/Ironman crossover series. Thanks to [Bad username or site: @] for the quickie beta job!

You’ve got to be out of bad karma for the rest of your life now... )
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Title: Boys and their Toys
Fandom: Eureka/Iron Man Crossover. (Set just before the film, and nebulous future post season 3.0.)
Pairing: Tony Stark/Jack Carter, Nathan Stark/Jack Carter
Rating: PG-13 for language, sexual suggestion
Word Count: ~9300
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of them, but would love to consider a rent to own policy.
Summary: Nathan’s cousin has a special way of driving him insane. For Jenn, who wanted to see a jealous Nathan forced into confessing his feelings by a rival and separately has been bugging me to do the Ironman/Eureka crossover I kept thinking about writing. ...Also because she’s holding my fluffy yellow duck hostage until this is done and posted. First in the "Thicker Than Water" series.

I can take care of myself. Well, if I want to. Your cousin isn’t half bad looking. )
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Title: The Proper Procedure for Alien Encounters

Fandom: Crossover of Doom! Eureka/Heroes/CSI/Criminal Minds/Pushing Daisies/Firefly/Buffy/Stargate SG-1/SG Atlantis/Doctor Who/Torchwood/West Wing

Pairings: Jack/Nathan, McKay/Sheppard, Carter/O’Neil, Capt. Jack/Ianto, Doctor (Ten)/Rose, one sided Jo/Fargo, mention Jo/Zane, implied past Nathan/Doctor, implied Ten/Rose/Fargo

Rating: PG, PG-13ish for suggestiveness? Is there a rating for “Hazardous to your IQ”?

Word Count: 1200 (These are supposed to be double/triple drabbles, I know, but I had to fit in 12 fandoms! So, a drabble per fandom!)

A/Ns: Total and complete crack, blamed entirely on Kris. =P For Kris, your Valentine Challenge Request-- Happy Valentine’s, you ginormus pain in the ass! Some shows mentioned in passing only, because I’m just not that cracked! But apparently, you cracked me hard enough to get me to write Carter/O’Neil, my least favorite pairing! Also, I watch too many shows with men named Jack as a main character!

Summary: When Eureka’s favorite assistant catches an alien, all hell breaks loose! And Jack is late for his valentine’s date.

This way to the crack! )


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