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-Okay, continuity person inside me is screaming at the start of the episode- scene not even CLOSE to matching end scene of last week! Lines lost, weirdness....

-The thing.... okay, I have a dirty brain, too many possibilities (suspect is just he asked her to move in with him)

-LOL, love Carter's reaction to Kevin!

-Aww, poor Jo... kicking Zane =( She needs to fight to win him back! Come on, Jo!

-Ouch, Jack telling Allison about Tess.

-Like Henry talking about autism, the dominos of causes, but also that even if Kevin did cause it on purpose, this Kevin can never answer if that was his intent or not.

-Just adore Henry and Jack's downplaying reactions to each other's news.

-Aww, no Julia?! Poor Fargo...

-Don't blame yourself/Wasn't planning to... LOL love their play!

-Allison should know that sometimes you have to change time- unstable time lines!

-LOL, Tiny not so tiny! But, um, is yelling after the robot really going to do anything?! LOL at Tess!


-Jack talking Tess down from one of her rants- I don't like this dynamic, even in the new world. I'm hoping she's gone soon!!

-Re-tuned manually? Grant took the device on purpose! Yay Jack throw him in jail!!

-Yay, Andy's back! Love Grant's reaction to Andy... Come closer robot-man! ROTFL, look under the uniform! So very, very wrong, and yet, I'm laughing so very, very hard....

-Out of right field, Andy nails it! LOL, I love the way he just tosses it out there!

-LOL, think there might be a wee design flaw on Tiny!

-Oh geez, Fargo in charge... I give the town 2.5 hours, max!

-My answer is yes... the thing... yeah, brain still totally in bad place... LOL!

-Brain probably not in the right place when I started laughing when Tess got zapped either, huh?


-Allison as medical director, nice! Oddly, I find that fitting, almost more on track for her. I like!

-Ooh, not a great reaction to the I love you by either Jack or Allison... and then Tess calls him Fluffy. Oye vey.

-ROTFL Larry is Fargo's assistant!

-LOVE that Jo gets to be in charge of GD security!! Something should be good for her!

-Grant is so gonna get punched by Carter for his confession! "Oh, we're square!"

-"What, did you think you married a dummy?" Wonder how suspicious Grace is... nice line if she is!

-"I think she's on drugs!" LOL, I love Kevin and his reaction to his mom hovering!

-Love the philosophizing- people are who they are at the core- will that still bear out or not?

-Ut oh, boom go the time machine! No fixing the timeline?? Party over by me!!


-"Use your brave face, Larry"... I love Larry as Fargo's assistant, seriously cracking me up!!

-LOL, knew the sociological differences would catch up to Grant! Martha enforcing the smoking ban! Love it!

-Hate that Jack had to ask Allison, but I'd suspect her too.

-LOL, Grant trying to get one up on Jack with the laser! And Jack totally not phased!

-Here's my problem with RED ELF. If it's common enough for Henry to give Jack a hard time about not knowing the acronym, then why didn't Allison catch it either?

-LOL, Jack clears the foyer but forgets to take his own advice!


-Love that Fargo white listed a project and because of time changes, doesn't remember doing it. Trippy!!

-Dougie the Vampire Slayer! ROTFL! I <3 Fargo!!

-Love Tess's dead stop at Fargo's apology. Apparently Fargo was that 'verse's Stark!

-Kite and a key style! And Andy's "I'm very attractive!" LOL, love the whole conversation there!

-Love Jack's reaction to the news of "moving in together", his knowing they don't work versus her belief they do. Very poignant, love how he played it.


-Bow and arrow? I'm with Jack--- Really?

-Like Grant volunteering to help out, and Jack giving in, letting him. He can be arrogant and and ass, but he'll do the right thing in a clinch? Love Grant!!

-Love Jack and Grant working together, collapsing on the floor together afterward, think someone should do a tag here... =)

-Aww, poor Andy!

-Jo still has the ring =(

-He enjoyed the time travel story the first time, so he'll forget, I'll tell it again... LOL, Jack just rolls with it!

-He loved me... once. Jo, get your ass in gear, win the guy over!!

-Love the six, together at the table, accepting the new reality. Love that there's a very good reason that they can't tell anyone about what has happened! Needed to be one, and Allison provided a very good one!


-Still loving the reboot, love that it is a reboot but that we're back to the original feel and tone of the show, love that the chemistry and dynamics feel 100x more solid then where they were during 3.5, love that I'm laughing out loud at more than just Fargo again! Still sort of hoping they'll get rid of Tess, but also sorta have hope that maybe they can start writing her better- she didn't bother me nearly as much this week!

-Sorta bugs me that no one has asked about Stark- is he still dead? When? Where? etc? I would think it would be a natural question that Allison would have dealt with pretty quickly.

-Which brings me to the next point, they need information! Time for the six to hit the books, do some research, figure out the holes in world history as well as personal history that need to be dealt with. Just a quick scene, Jack doing research on SARAH and baffling her would be enough, but it still needs to happen!

-I feel so bad for Jo!! Just want to hug her! =(

-Think last week's episode was the stronger of the two "beginning" season 4.0 parts, but that doesn't surprise me. Deconstructing and tearing apart the status quo is always more fun that the reality of having to deal with all the hurt feelings that chaos caused! But stronger than any season 3.5 episode, and stronger than the back half of season 3.0, which puts me firmly in the camp of "OMG, can't wait for next week!" which I will be enjoying from Comic-Con, so probably no Thoughts & Commentary next week, or will do one with a rewatch early in the week (Mon or Tues).


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