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Since I'm not livechatting this season (no cable) and I'm actually back into the swing of enjoying the show so far this season, I thought I'd resurrect the thoughts and commentary process!


-General confusion reigns at the not so subtle "let's slip in a scene and hope they don't notice" in the "previously on" section. WTH, dudes, you could have just started with it, I'd have followed that edit easily. Also, it's sort of extraneous- didn't need it. Could have just started with Carter telling Henry, "Totally bummed cuz Tess dumped me. Sucks huh?"

-Kevin and Jenna in the show, Allison actually having a "single mom" moment, hallelujah!

-"Day's not over yet" see Thoughts section on what I think about this/foreshadowing...

-Awww, Zane... Jo freezing... awww.... poor guy! (I sorta want to know the story on why she's froze!) Love both of Carter's reactions, so perfectly played!

-Love the effect on time shift, but think the phone to effect tipped the hand too early!

-Sport... lol, I will get play from this sometime this season!

-Love the alt music intro and the faded color on the images!


-Weirdest dream.... rotfl! Love this beat, love him checking out her ass... just awesome!

-Love Grant's quick catch on something being off, love that he shares a bit of that instinctual leap that Jack has. Should make for a good by-play, especially with his alpha personality and Jack's being very similar.

-"Inventory".... lol. Already a running riff in my apartment.

-Low profile- cue Jo!! Rock on Jo!!


-Jo kicking the crap out of the MP's... awesome, and she's totally hot doing it! Love the music cue as well!

-Grant/Allison scene is amazing... plus Grant clearly but subtly cataloging everything she says and noticing she's not quite right for the time... Allison in the same way eavesdrops, catches the info that someone else is in the stockade with Jo, just doesn't make it back to report into Jo- I really love the way this scene plays up the similarities and lays out groundwork for where they'll probably develop some UST in upcoming episodes!

-Naked Fargo!!!! Love his fake story, and the roll in of the Terminator promo- well done!

-He whut? LOL, love Fargo trying to play off his bad reaction!!!

-Black mechanic.... brilliant subtle observation on his part! Also love his very upbeat take on what's happening!

-Heh, love Jack misunderstanding Henry's "I think she's right"!

-Interesting beat on the convo about nurses... Allison playing it off to support nurses rather than noting that she's a black woman in 1947, not likely to be a doctor.

-Jack asks the question-- did Kevin do this on purpose? I say yes (see below).

-Hey Sport! (So getting played with in fic...)


-Love Henry and Grant and their arguing to sort it all out.

-Love Grant trying to lie as he scrambles to get into his lab coat, was cute!

-Watching the "blowing the lock" scene with bro-in-law-to-be was HYSTERICAL. He just kept saying, "Poor Fargo, poor Fargo!" LOL!

-Jack and his fear of heights, love the shot from Allison to him climbing- reminded me of classic King Kong film.


-Suck on that, Founder's Day! LOL, love Jack's reaction!

-That would suck/Suck what? Please play with modern colloquialisms, this season, writers!! I <3 language jokes and Grant is SO fodder for them!!

-Trade clothes, adjust the hat, love it! Neat little beat!

-Sinatra! Love this song, though it's been sung at all the funerals I've been to over the past few years, which made it sort of an odd choice.

-Jack's got a thing about kissing her when they dance, doesn't he?! ;)

-Thank you, VFX, for that subtle, classy disappearance trick and not some crazy flash or effect!! Beautifully done!


-Love the panic trigger on Main, then everything going nuts! Poor Jo, wow, OMG Henry (please don't be setting this up for universe ending heartbreak for Henry, been there, done that!), weird on Kevin, that's gonna be great to explain!

-No!! Why is Tess back!! I don't like her!! Though, nice to make things messy!

-Phone in the pocket, and here's Grant! Excellent music cue on the end-- just adored the music for this ep! Love the brass arrangements, and Grant's cues especially were well done!


-Here's hoping Fargo in charge is a misunderstanding!

-I really don't want them to "undo" this. Seems like a waste of the reboot, plus then it's too similar to 112: Once in a Lifetime. I'm 100% on board of lets go from here, keep Grant around, etc. But to be fair, I'm also pretending season 3.5 didn't happen....

-I really enjoyed the episode- the humor and tone of the show seemed to be much more on track with what we had before season 3.5. I was actually laughing out loud, as were the people watching with me, which we rarely did in 3.5.

-Loving the addition of James Callis as Trevor Grant. He's got great chemistry and a nice character to add to the mix! Plus, he's such a phenomenal actor that I'm definitely looking forward to how he plays into the show's new direction! Love that there's tension and chemistry between him and Jack and not one word regarding brains and IQ has come into it yet.

-The romantic quadrangle/octahegan/whatnot totally rocks in my book! I never liked the Tess arc, she was just as shoehorned in as every other romantic entanglement Jack's gone into, so seeing it get genuinely messy now, with him rebounding into Allison then everything changing so that's no longer what happened- I'm thrilled! I like things complicated and messy, more like Season One Jack-Allison-Nathan genuine messy we got! Liked that he was flirting with Allison, liked Grant flirting with Allison, even liked the little beat of Grant and Jack outside when Grant puts his hat on Jack's head-- like I've said before, great chemistry! I still don't like Tess, and I'm going to be thrilled if Grant adds to this mess and tangles it all up as well in a way that eventually cuts her out.

-Anyone else suspect Kevin was aware of exactly what he was doing? I had originally subscribed one motive to this (he was trying to trigger a butterfly effect to save his step-dad) and at the end wondered if he hadn't also been trying to trigger the effect of his own "cure" of his autism. Will be interested to see if they explain exactly what the wrinkle in time there is-- a cure, a treatment in utero type of thing, or genuine different genetics at play (i.e. he was conceived a week earlier, who knows).

-Just have to take a moment to fangirl Noah Danby as Major Ryan! Loved him in Painkiller Jane, so was nice to see him again!

-Costume moment-- how unbearably adorable was Vince??!! (And the bad part of my brain adds, "Wait till Paul sees him!")

-Overall last thought: Thrilled to see Eureka back on the right track and rocking an episode that was funny, played with the genuine chemistry between the characters, and shook things up in an awesome way! Can't wait for next weeks episode! (And how long has it been since I said that!?)


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